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Posted: 2017-07-14 19:49:00 |    Posted by iDev |    idevgames.co.uk

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So after making changes to the site to accommodate every game developer and to make the point that this is a developer community. That also causes a problem, it leaves out everyone else from the site. Especially the people we want to find and play our games. The gamers!

But not anymore! Now when you register a new account you have the choice of a game developer or gamer account. As I had always intended to accommodate for everyone with the site. Gamer accounts are cut down and not allowed to upload a game or to create a post. Which also means that they now have a gamer profile and developers have a game developer profile. As gamers wont have games or posts. Their profile will show their likes first, hopefully leading people to play or read what other gamers liked.

Also I noticed a lot of you have uploaded your logos, which has made the site look fantastic! Actually I liked the logos so much I wanted everyone to have something if a logo wasn't uploaded. So now you get an iDev smiley face as default! Also as gamers won't have logos, I felt the site would look messy if I let everyone upload an avatar. The idea of the logo was to make a developer stand out. So you can choose a colour for the background, making it a little more personal.

I've also carried on with the search engine optimisation as I was talking about in my last post. The site should be pretty much as optimised as it's going to get. I think i've seen a slight increase in traffic from google already but i'm hoping this is really going to start taking effect soon. If I don't see much change in a months time, i'll be really wondering why.





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