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Our Team participates in Unity Neon Challenge which runs until the 15 January 2018. 

For this environment, we got inspired by Blade Runner. The used futuristic SciFi setting was exactly the kind of situation we wanted to create.

Below you’ll find the latest version of the video for this Challenge! Please leave us your appreciations and feedbacks! And don’t forget to like the project on Unity ;)


Deep Street is the evil street of GroundCity. you can find everything you are looking for but be careful not to enter the wrong place because you never know what to expect.
Damien Morales, from Xeno Gaming, started working on this street for his upcoming Sci-fi Solo FPS, Xeno Time Inception. The street reveals the true personality of this new world.
Our goal is to add as many details as possible to bring the street alive, such as people walking/talking, robots, spaceships, flying cars, restaurants, shops, arcade rooms ...


What about Unity Neon Challenge? 

Neon with additional shots included using Cinemachine and Timeline. 
At Unite Austin we revealed the making of Neon, a real-time environment scene created by the director of ADAM Episode 1, Veselin Efremov, over the course of a weekend. It was composed of models from the Unity Asset Store and made with powerful artist-friendly tools such as Cinemachine, Timeline, and Unity’s Post Processing Stack. This scene illustrates the power of Unity and the Asset Store for rapid visual prototyping, showing how teams and individual creators across the globe can turn their ideas into scenes in the span of days rather than weeks.
Now we want to see what our talented community of creators is capable of, which is why we’re excited to announce the launch of the Neon Challenge. We also have a total prize pool of over $30,000 with a grand prize of $20,000 and a ticket to a Unite conference in 2018 for the first place winner! The contest will run live from Dec 1, 2017 to Jan 15, 2018.

Theme: A New World 

In Neon, you find a futuristic urban center in a cyberpunk style complete with humanoid inhabitants and flying vehicles. For the Neon Challenge, we’re challenging creators to think of a new world on Earth or even in the farthest reaches of space. Imagine a futuristic society with untold technological advances, along with the environments and inhabitants they may hold. Let your creativity run wild. Think of the theme within a broad category of science fiction rather than strictly cyberpunk. 
We’re providing you some amazing futuristic concept art from the Art Director of ADAM Episode I, Georgi Simeonov, to inspire your production work. Refer to the link below for the full list of concept art available for the contest, several examples are shown below. Feel free to create your scenes based on this art or create a scene based on your own original idea.

Stay tuned for the progress of our project via our social media channels or on Unity Connect!

Facebook: @xenogamingfrance
Twitter: @xeno_game

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