Short Descriptions and Keywords!

Posted: 2018-08-19 19:50:54 |    Posted by iDev |

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It's important to do what we can to draw potential players to our games and potential readers to our posts. So now I've added two new features. The addition of a short description and keywords. The game boxes on the homepage and on game pages will now reveal the new short description or a generated short description from your main description if you hover over them. I've also re coded these so they visually look a lot better on different resolutions. On top of that I have now also re coded the homepage slider with the addition of a hover for short description reveal too. 

 These short descriptions and keywords will also be used for search engines, on social media and on site search pages etc. You should set a short description and 3 main keywords to give your games or posts the best chance of attracting visitors.



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5 years ago
pandemia games Commented:

Great very interesting and very good resource for games to be seen. On the other hand since games, they can be picked up for game pages. I think it would be interesting if this was more visible on the page. For example, a button on the top that says embed code for your games page.

5 years ago
iDev Replied:

I've now placed the embed code button at the top of game pages.

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