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Posted: 2018-06-03 19:11:13 |    Posted by iDev |    idevgames.co.uk

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It's been on my todo list for awhile. After introducing the email system which was a very basic system, I discovered where the servers limits were. The limit is 750 emails an hour and i'm not sure if there's a total a day or month but after I started to gain bounce backs from undelivered emails stating that this was why I knew something had to be done about it. This didn't matter so much around the time I implemented the email system and only became a problem when I was reviewing multiple new games, tutorials or dev logs at a time. It wasn't a huge problem I just had to come back later to send the email.

But now that isn't the case. 500 emails are sent out every hour now leaving 250 for emails like password resets and verification emails that have to be instant. So any email that I go to send will be stored and then processed in order of being added. So in the order of latest signed up to first account created (me). Notification emails will also join the queue too. Although they wont be instant any more it makes more sense that these don't eat into the 250 left over for verification and password resets as those are far more important. It also means the amount of sends an hour could be turned down if we run into any problems. Meaning the important emails are instant still while the rest just get sent out later. Which I don't think would even be that noticeable.

Also I have done some work on the upload game page so that when your not signed in, it will show you a list of game engines that you can click to take you to the tutorials I have wrote about exporting your game for the site. If you use an engine that isn't on the list you could write a tutorial on the site and I will likely put it on the page. Hopefully this will help other developers thinking about uploading their games to the site.



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