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Posted: 2020-01-31 19:06:27 |    Posted by iDev |

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So at the end of last year PHP version 7.4 was released. So in an attempt to keep up with the times I decided to look into getting the site to use PHP 7.4 which we was on 7.2 before now. 

Everything appears to be working fine and I have tested the most complex parts of the site but that is not to say it hasn't broken anything. So if you run into problems please let me know over at twitter @HTML5Arcade

Hopefully, although maybe not noticeable, PHP 7.4 should have better performance then 7.2. So it should make the site even better. Just to add to this I've also started to asynchronously load the main site javascript which seems to of given a boost in speed too!

Edit: asynchronously loading the main.js caused issues sometimes so I had to load all scripts asynchronously. 



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