Wedventure 2, PonG 2 update and more!

Posted: 2018-10-25 18:24:11 |    Posted by Enter Entertainment Studio |

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it has been a while.

As you might know, I am busy working on The Game About a Game (more info here), that is why I was not much working on my web and Android projects. So I decided to give you an update about what is in plans, works etc.:

  1. Wedventure 2 (not sure when will be released at all).
  2. Wedventure update with some new levels (not sure it will be made at all).
  3. PonG 2 update with UI/ graphical changes and maybe a save system to keep your high scores (currently in "experimenting" stage).
  4. PonG Classic (I will probably have to rewrite it, so not sure it will be made at all).

Anyways I hope that this post has informed you about what to expect.

Have a nice day!

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