What is Math Combat Challenge

Posted: 2017-07-15 11:55:16 |    Posted by icampomanes |    titandscompany.com

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What is Math Combat Challenge?

Math Combat Challenge is a math game. And a first person
combat game. And a combat game with spaceships. And a survival game. All this combined to achieve a goal: solve as many mathematical exercises as possible as the player can configure, and trying to survive in different hostile environments.

In this game you do not win fighting, although it will be necessary to survive. It is gained by solving the mathematical exercises proposed by the system, which are random and highly configurable. Whether in a stadium, in the sands of Saturn's moon Titan, or in a field of asteroids floating in the middle of the void, the goal is always: to survive, and to solve mathematical exercises.

Combining the skill of combat with that of agility and mental concentration to solve mathematical exercises is the key. Be a mathematician. Be a soldier. Be the winner of the Math Combat Challenge.

This game is inspired by the novel "Messenger of the Nastrond", which explains the history of a mathematical competition to death in 2156.

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5 years ago
iDev Commented:

Fantastic, the idea is very original. Hopefully we will see a video soon!

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