Why I Chose Archer as My Class in Dungeon Hunter VI: A Deep Dive into Skills and Strategy

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Today, I want to take you on a journey into the world of Dungen Hunter 6, where I'll explain in detail why I decided to choose the Archer class as my character. When starting this adventure, I was faced with a choice of five different classes: Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Boon Sister, and Archer. Each of these classes brings a unique set of attributes to the table, and after careful consideration, I settled on Archer. In this blog post, I'll walk you through the reasoning behind my choice, the skills that make Archer stand out, and my lieutenant choices, all with an aim to provide insights that can help you make your own class selection in the game.


Why Archer?

Let's begin by discussing the reasons behind my choice of Archer as my class in Dungen Hunter 6. Archer distinguishes itself by having high attack and HP but lacks in the defense department. I was initially torn between Mage and Archer, but I found Archer's characteristics more appealing for my playstyle.


Here's a brief overview of each class:

Warrior: Warriors are known for their high HP and defense stats, making them great tanks. They do have lower attack power, though.


Assassin: Assassins excel in defense, followed by attack and HP. They make excellent defenders and are a sturdy choice.


Mage: Mages boast the highest attack in the game but have lower HP and defense stats, making them glass cannons.


Boon Sister: Boon Sisters have high defense but lower attack, making them formidable defenders.


Archer: Archers, like I mentioned earlier, have high attack and HP but struggle with defense.


While the other classes have their own merits, Archer's focus on dealing damage aligned with my preferred style of gameplay.


Archer Skills:

Now that we've established why I chose Archer, let's dive into the skills that have made me confident in my decision.


Ultimate - Summon Dark Moon Arrow: 

This skill is a game-changer. It allows you to inflict 1,200% damage on three nearby targets and boosts your attack by 20% for 10 seconds when you enter Dark Moon form. The damage increases as you level up the skill. To use the ultimate, you need to build up Fury by attacking. This skill serves as a potent opener in battles.


Spread Shot: 

Spread Shot is a versatile skill. It charges to deal 240% damage to three targets in a fan-shaped area. The damage output increases by 20% for each charging phase. I've personally found it effective, particularly when dealing with multiple enemies.


Scatter Shot: 

Scatter Shot is another skill I've focused on upgrading. It shoots multiple arrows at once, dealing substantial damage. Increasing the fixed damage enhances its effectiveness.


Chain Shot: 

Chain Shot is my favorite ability in the Archer's arsenal. It fires a barrage of nine arrows, dealing almost 600 damage to three targets. As I leveled this skill, the fixed damage increased, making it even more devastating. What's even more critical for an Archer is that it reduces the movement speed of hit targets by 20%, which is invaluable for kiting enemies and keeping them at a distance.


Arrow Rain: 

Arrow Rain is a unique skill that shoots arrows into the sky, which then fall like rain, dealing damage to targets within range. Upgrading this skill increases the fixed damage, and it even offers a health regeneration bonus based on the damage dealt, providing some sustainability in battle.


I've primarily focused on Chain Shot and occasionally used Arrow Rain for the additional healing it provides. The combination of these skills has proven to be effective in various combat situations.


Lieutenants and Strategy:

Your choice of Lieutenants can significantly impact your gameplay. Currently, I'm using Delphyne, my most potent Lieutenant. She not only deals damage but also provides healing, which complements my Archer's playstyle well. As an Archer, my primary focus is dealing damage, and Delphyne’s healing abilities help me stay in the fight longer.


I also have other Lieutenants in my roster, like Frost Colossus and Red Protoceraptor. While they offer unique advantages, I'm considering switching them out to better align with my Archer's strategy.


In the future, I plan to upgrade Delphyne to a higher rank, and I believe she will become an even more valuable asset to my team. Her ability to deal damage while simultaneously providing healing makes her an excellent choice for my Archer.


I'm also looking into other Lieutenants that might better suit my needs as I progress in the game. Each Lieutenant has its own set of skills and advantages, and it's essential to find a combination that complements your chosen class and playstyle.

Closing Remarks:


In conclusion, my journey as an Archer in Dungen Hunter 6 has been an exciting one. The strategic selection of skills and Lieutenants has enabled me to thrive in battles and make a significant impact on my in-game experiences.


As you embark on your own journey in Dungen Hunter 6, I hope this blog post has provided you with valuable insights into why Archer is a compelling choice and how the right skills and Lieutenants can help you succeed. Remember that your play style and preferences should guide your class selection and strategy.

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