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Welcome to my corner of the internet.


On this site I create games that can be played with a single input device, allowing my games to be accessible to everyone.


A new game is added every week.


All games can be played using just the left-mouse-button or spacebar - no mouse movement required.


Games will work with any switch device set up for left mouse button or spacebar. Some games will provide a choice to also use both left and right mouse buttons.


This enables all the games to played use adaptive technology devices such as buttons, sip and puff, joysticks, switch buttons, ultimate switch, grip switches, finger switch, gumball, eye blink switch, finger isolation button, grip and puff, head switch, koosh switch, movement sensor switch, and many more.


Games are also made using bold text and clear images, allowing it to be accessible to those with visual issues.


Most games have a simple to navigate menu.

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