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Posted: 2017-09-14 20:11:36 |    Posted by Jetzoo1 |

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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to help anyone who finds the KeyStore is just not in their Tech Savvy Dictionary...

 1.) Use either of these Apps to help the process plus it is faster.

I used both to Check them out and both worked...

Follow Along below:

1.) Send your debug Apk to your phone use Dropbox on computer and also your phone to get the debug Apk to your phone.

2.) Open up APK - Signer- Click on tool at bottom right - Verifying and choose your debug Apk. then Click plus sign and pick it out of Downloads or where ever it is stored at.
Plus finish the Signing and KEYSTORES displayed at top of app.
Note*: This will be in .jks - Send the debug apk .jks to your computer


* Download Java 6u45 -
Download the Apk -Signer from Shatter-box Here:

Okay Now open the Apk -Signer from Shatter Box

Put the debug apk .jks in Signer section and the Java 6u45 in the top section.

Now Press the Button - Now you have your very own KeyStore..


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